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Durable, dependable and versatile, Bitumen is used across a massive range of industrial, manufacturing and construction applications. As bitumen experts for over four decades, Total offer 12 high-quality bitumen product ranges developed across four international research facilities. The trusted partner to countless global businesses, we ship over 2.5 million tonnes of bitumen every year. 

Scroll down to find out more about our products and approach, as well as bitumen guides, articles and case studies. 

The definitive guide to bitumen 

Bitumen helps build our world. If you travel by foot, bike or car, or live or work in a leak-free building, your day was made comfortable, safe and convenient thanks, in part, to bitumen.  

Despite this though, bitumen is a little-understood material. In our definitive guide, we provide answers to the most common questions related to bitumen, including what it is, its meaning, how it’s used, and what bitumen grades really mean. 

Discover the definitive guide to bitumen 

The world’s best racetracks use Total bitumen 

In the high-stakes worlds of international motorsport, a significant emphasis is rightly placed on superstar drivers, well-honed teams and cutting-edge vehicular technology – but what about the circuits themselves?  

In line with Total’s storied racing heritage, our bitumen products have been used across the world at some of the most iconic racetracks, helping racing giants reach new levels of greatness. 

Learn which of the world’s best racetracks use Total Bitumen 

Total Bitumen and Tarmac – collaborative resurfacing to minimise disruption 

When resurfacing roads, particularly single-carriage routes, it’s imperative that disruption to traffic flows is properly considered – without doing so, delays, noise and vibrations can make life hell for drivers and nearby residents.  

In October 2018, Total Bitumen and Tarmac worked together to tackle this disruption, collaborating on the A66 Eden Valley Scheme. Learn more about the excellent results we achieved. 

Total Bitumen and Tarmac – collaborative resurfacing to minimise disruption 

Total Bitumen: Breaking records across the M62 and Mersey Gateway projects 

Total Bitumen’s products are used across the world to provide optimum performance in the most challenging conditions and locations.  

That’s why we were chosen to provide bitumen solutions for the M62 Surface Regeneration and Mersey Gateway Surfacing Operations. Across both projects we enjoyed record-breaking success – find out more. 

Total Bitumen completes M62 and Mersey Gateway projects  

Why we introduced warm-mix bitumen products 

Asphalt is traditionally laid at temperatures between 150 and 200°C. Understandably, this throws up several challenges relating to safety, environmental protection and even the long-term technical performance of the asphalt itself.  

To help our partners overcome these issues, we developed and introduced a range of warm-mix bitumen products: Total Eco² Solutions. Learn more about what Eco² is for, and how it can enhance your productivity, durability and safety in our guide. 

Total Eco² Solutions: Why we have introduced warm-mix bitumen products 

Membrane roofing and six other unusual uses for bitumen 

Bitumen has countless uses we see every day, from roads and runways to roofing, waterproofing and more, but there are plenty of lesser-known uses for bitumen that you may not have heard of. In our guide, we explore these more unusual uses – everything from carpet tiles and target shooting to modern art! 

Membrane roofing and six other unusual uses for bitumen