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Total Bitumen Online takes the risk out of buying bitumen, improving the productivity and profitability of your business.  

The dedicated platform allows you to set price alerts, monitor price changes over time, and track deliveries in real time with geo-tracking. For businesses wanting to take control of their bitumen and buy when the price is right, the platform’s unique mix of capabilities make it an indispensable tool. 



Fixed-price bitumen purchases

If you are working on a significant contract and have a tight budget to cover your bitumen requirements, your margins and the quality of construction are exposed to the risk of price fluctuations. Bitumen Online removes this risk. 

The platform, trusted by construction and manufacturing businesses across the UK, allows you to purchase bitumen at a level within your budget. Simply track fixed-price deals within Bitumen Online and secure the quantity you need at the exact price required, then choose a delivery time that suits you.  

Fast, flexible and INFORMATIVE

Bitumen Online is available 24/7 and can be securely accessed via all devices.  

Once signed in, you are just four clicks away from a fixed-price deal, letting you buy bitumen in under two minutes. Simply select the delivery point and product grade you need to view fixed prices for the asphalt, binders, or industrial bitumen you need. If your chosen product fits your projected margin, click to confirm your purchase. 

  • view reports and dashboards to monitor the bitumen market, orders, and order history 

  • developed to work quickly and efficiently 

  • designed with an easy layout that aids navigation 

  • use the platform’s export function to create mini dashboards 

  • track the reasons behind orders and cancellations 

  • extra visibility to tackle duplicate orders 

Set price alerts

With Bitumen Online, not only can you view price terms and choose fixed price deals, but set up price alerts to let you take advantage of deals the moment they appear. Define your target price, and you’ll receive an email notification when suitable deals go live. 

The platform also lets you view reports and dashboards that help you monitor the bitumen market, and you can track your order from purchase through to delivery for risk-free ordering. 

Easily order bitumen with confidence

Bitumen Online is available to any bitumen user authorised by our sales department. Buyers, procurement specialists, finance directors, managing directors – anyone with bitumen purchasing responsibility can join and purchase:  

  • asphalt for roads including hot, warm, and cold-mix applications 

  • Emulsis binders for surface treatments 

  • bitumen for industrial applications 

If you commit to purchasing certain monthly volumes, you can even project fixed prices year round for bitumen you plan to sell on to third parties. 

For more information on how you can take advantage of Bitumen Online, contact our expert team today.